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at 1:00. the chp says the victim is a 30- 35 man from san pablo bay with a washington's driver's license. he was taken to hairing general hospital. the man is driving a work van but authorities don't know where he was headed. the doors to the vehicle are so jammed so these drews are able to search inside for any cruels. mg a is out right now. the van marked the pole straight up over the ground but the fires have remained in tact. no electricity has been caught you have to anyone. right now traffic on highway 101 southbound again near the parkway is flowing very nicely. live from san rafael i'm tara moriarty. >>> this morning -- it has tripled in size in the past few but -- claudine wong joins us now. >> reporter: daybreak is approaching but we still have time for crews to use the dark to get ahead of this thing. the overnight hours are critical when you talk about potential progress. the rim fire has tripled in size. it's burned more than 63,000 acres. containment 5% now down to 1%. the fire has already destroyed two homes and threatening 2500 others. let's talk about strategy
the washington post documents earlier this summer including an nsa audit dated may of 2012. it shows ore the prior year there were nearly 2800 incidents of unauthorized collection of distribution of legally protected communications. the nsa audit says many incidents were unintended but the washington post article points out nor serious incidents including violation of a court order and unauthorized use of data on 3,000 americans and green card holders. nsa official told the washington post the nsa is human run agency and at times workers find themselves on the wrong side of the line. california senator dianne fine stain chairs the committee. her reaction to the latest developments on nsa overreach coming up at 6:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the website of the washington post was hacked which supports the president of syria. the syrian electronic army hacked one of the contest providers. some of the posts were redirected to the website of the syrian electronic army. >>> san diego mayor bob filner is done with his two weeks of therapy. a volunteer city work
the concerns of brazil's leader about u.s. surveillance. >>> ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom there are disputes over how many people were killed. kyla. >> reporter: security forces stormed in and cleared out two sit in camps with armored vehicles and bulldozers this morning. they fired weapons, plowed through tents, and used tear gas on supporters on ex- president mohammed morsi. they beat and arrested the protestors. they report nine demonstrators were killed and 80 others injured but the muslim brotherhood claims at least 300 protestors were killed. the demonstrators tell reporters that were given warnings to leave and go home but there was no time immediately a bulldozer started plowing through their tents. and police stole their money and cell phones. two high profile senators just visited egypt last week. what they have been saying about this violence and what the u.s. could do in response when i see you an hour from now. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san diego mayor bob filner fighting a recall attempt to throw him out of office.
from our washington, dc news room, the administration has increased drone operations in recent days. >> reporter: the strike in yemen brings the total number to 6 in the past week and a half. officials say that nearly 30 suspected terrorists have been killed in the drone strikes, including six people today. and meanwhile officials in yemen say they have uncovered a plot to fire missiles at embassies in the city and attack naval forces regarding shipping in the red sea. a spokesperson for the government said officials foiled the plan to take over two cities in southern yemen and attack gas and oil facilities. embassies and consulates in 19 countries are scheduled to remain closed through saturday. and all of this terrorist activity and threats spell trouble for the long promised goal to shut down the prison in cuba. i'll explain that connection between the prison and yemen when i see you next hour. live in washington. >>> same sex spouses of troops could get the heal care and other befores. that's according to a memo. it lays out a plan to provide 10 days of leave to military personn
campbell is joining us live in washington, d.c. where president obama will honor sergeant carter. kyla. >> reporter: dave, carter will become just the fifth living medal of honor recipient. he saved the live of fellow soldiers in 2009. another survivor of that same fight received a medal of honor in february. receiving the medal of honor effectively makes carter undeployable and he wants to continue his service working with wounded warriors and sharing his struggled with ptsd. he spent his childhood years in antioch and was based most recently in washington state. he spoke to reporters after he learned he would receive the medal of honor. i'm working on that story for you for 6:15. live in washington i'm kyla campbell. >>> the marine corp starting this fall will allow women to take part in basic infantry training. it's only on a trial basis. the marines say that won't happen for at least two more years. opening the infantry training to women follows a defense department position earlier this year to repeal the rules against women serving in combat roles. >>> los angeles clipper star la
anniversary of the march on washington. president obama is scheduled to speak at noon today in the same spot on the steps of the lincoln memorial where martin luther king junior delivered his famous i have a dream speech. kyla campbell is there at the national mall this morning where people are starting to arrive for the big event. >> reporter: we are standing at the only public entrance. you can take a look at the crowd building behind us. we got here a couple hours ago. only 50-60 people here. now a few hundred people have gathered at the security gate. it opens in 45 minutes. they will make their way as close as they can get to the lincoln memorial. you can see the lincoln memorial in the background. that is where president barack obama and jimmy carter will speak along with civil rights leaders from the 1960s. that is happening in a few hours. first happening right now hundreds if not thousands of people are gathering to do the march for jobs in justice. they will start their walk in 45 minutes going 1.6 miles through washington, d.c. with a couple rally stops at the department of labor
regime. i'm working on that story for you for 6:15. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in london hundreds of protesters staged a demonstration outside the prime minister's residence against british military intervention in syria. prime minister david cameron has recalled parliament today to discuss possible military action. many people in britain and the british parliament say they don't want a repeat of the invasion of iraq which was based on evidence of weapons of mass destruction that later turned out to be false. >>> in san francisco today, there will be a demonstration against u.s. military action in syria. that's scheduled for 5:00 this evening at powell and market streets. the demonstration is being organized by a coalition of antiwar groups. >>> time 5:15. experts are warning the latest cyberattacks on "the new york times" and on twitter are signs of a more dangerous phase of cyberwarfare. a group called the syrian electronic army disabled "the new york times" website and disrupted twitter feeds bihacing the dough mains of those sites. the group backed
programs. and we're in the washington, dc news room and this comes one day after the head of the nsa says it is not abusing its power. >>> some in congress are not buying the argument and pushing to limit the nsa's authority. and the senator of california joins lawmakers heading to the white house n four hours they will speak with the president about the nsa's program. a senate staffer said the white house initiated the meeting and invited the republicans and democrats from the house and senate. the president's national security team says the programs are needed to protect americans. and they pointed to 2012 records saying that it did not attract millions of -- track numbers. >> those reports contained less than 500 numbers. not millions. less than 500. >>> all this happening as details on yet another nsa program are revealed. i'll explain that one to you when i see you next hour. live in washington. >>> 5:17. new this morning a lawyer representing the mayor of san diego ignited the latest controversy in the mayor's sexual harassment scandal. the city should pay the mayor's legal bills as
washington, d.c. about this embassy warning. >>> also new this morning reports of a drowning death of a child in san jose. it happened last night according to the san jose mercury news. we don't know yet how old the child was. we do know firefighters rushed to that area around 6:00 p.m.. we will brinyou more detaie ava >>> this coming semester the csu system will be touting a mobile app to help students detect alcohol poisoning. it's called aware, awake, alive. it walks students through the signs of alcohol poisoning and includes a button to call 911. the hope is students will use the app to determine when a night of drinking becomes an emergency and hopefully it will help save lives. >>> time now 5:07. sal is wide awake. ready to help everybody on the east shore and every place else. >> yes. we are finding out about a brand new not injury crash. eastbound highway 4. this crash is reportedly blocking one of the lanes but not causing much of a backup. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is moving along nicely as you drive out from vallejo to berkeley and to the bay bridge toll
from al qaeda. ktvu kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom the state department was evacuating diplomats from pakistan. >> reporter: dave, only a handful of merge personnel remain in pakistan. some were moved about 200 miles away to the capitol city of islam bad. the state department cites a specific threat against the u.s. consulate in lahore. officials say there are several terrorists groups in the country that pose a particular danger to americans and this has been a deadly week in pakistan. yesterday a suicide bomber killed more than 100 people. u.s. officials are not saying whether the specific threat today against the u.s. consulate is related to the other al qaeda threat that lead to the temporary closing of 20 embassy and consulates. when the state department could billion releasing further details when i see you next. >>> time now 5:15. secretary of state john kerry meets with his russian counterpart in washington, d.c.. he will talk about a range of topics including syria, global security, and human rights. and he will bring up the hot issue of the asyl
month. live in washington. >>> the sentencing of convicted spy bradley manning will start today. later today. the army private defense team will call the first of more than a dozen witnesses. manning is expected to make a statement between now and wednesday. >>> the u.s. has reopened most of its embassy's in the middle east and north africa. they have been closed for a week after terror threats from al qaeda. >>> the trial of the army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people continues today in fort hood, texas. so far more than 40 witnesses described how he opened fire on unarmed soldiers back in november, 2009. hasan faces the death penalty if convicted. he's acting as his own attorney but so far he has raised few objections. >>> the prime minister played a trip on norwegian citizens when he played a cab driver. it's in a cab that people get really honest. that is why he got behind the wheel for this unusual campaign stop. some of the passengers took a little longer to realize who is that guy out there driving? norway's parliamently election is scheduled for september 9th. >>> bay a
to the court why he leaked the documents. i'll have that story at 6:15. live in washington. kyla campbell, ktvu news. >>> continuing coverage on the crisis in egypt. they arrested two more brothers. one a hard line cleric, arrested as he tried to leave the country. in a muslim brotherhood spokesperson was taken into custody at cairo airport. he was trying to take a flight to italy. the obama administration is still reviewing u.s. military aid and is denying reports that aid is secretly put on hold. president obama called a high level meeting to go over the issue. the u.s. is due to give egypt another $585 million of military aid by the end of september. >>> we're talking about the wildfire burning near yosemite. it's one of dozens across the west, burning from arizona to washington. the fires are taxing national resources. the cost of climbing the fires is now 100 billion of the year. one of the problem may be california's outdated approach to fire prevention. they say old methods of staging controlled burns are effective in staging, but the methods simply don't work on dry hillsides and canyon
wife. >> a firefighter in richmond has set off a legal battle in washington, d.c. >> this looks good getting off of highway 17. i'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. >> cooler lows this morning and it will warm up, but by how much. >>> new this morning, two federal agencies are locked in a court battle as they investigate the massive refinery fire in richmond 1 year ago. 15,000 people reported breathing problems at chevron's richmond refinery on august willth 2012. the environmental protection agency and advisory board have been looking for answers but they have major differences on how to handle the investigation. they're in a washington, d.c. courtroom over access to documents and other issues. >>> contra cost at that county are setting up efforts to test up accidents. the test phone calls will go out to four refineries and chemical plants. it will continue for the next few hours and start tomorrow evening. >>> the secretary wants congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible. jacob lew says, the government will not be able to pay its bills start
. it is down the last week. >> sit down on the floor. >> fire in the hole. >> denzel washington and mark wahlberg teamed up in the 2 guns t sin involves the cia and drug traffickers. >>> the time now is 5:51. a fight and hope for change. reversing a decision that threw out high school test scores because they may have been tainted. >>> and taking a lot of naps, the city he has been reelected the mayor. >>> and traffic is good. coming up. we'll tell you more straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ >>> and if you are just waking up or joining us a strike has been averted. bart trains will run. the governor stepped into the labor dispute two hours before that strike deadline. the governor said a strike would endanger the health of the public, the safety and
the mortgage system. as reported from the washington, dc news room, the president wants the government to get out of the lending business. >> reporter: dave, the president would like to shut down government backed so taxpayer does not have to feel the pain of a bail out. he will play out the plans in phoenix. the epicenter of the crisis during the reception. he wants homeowners to receive a three page mortgage disclosure form so they understand the responsibilities. the president's plan includes helping homeowners refinance as interest rates ticking up. >> and you are still low by historical standards. lower than think have opinion. >> he willhold an event to answer questions about housing. zillow is hosting the session tomorrow. >>> the white house gave me information about how the plan would help the homeowners refinance and save thousands more than they currently can. i'll break down the details next. >>> and right now the firefighters in southern california fight agroing wildfire. it is threatening homes in river side county. this started 5áed 1500-acres have burned. people in the area a
campbell from the washington, d.c. newsroom. president is proposing how to make college accountable and affordable. >> president obama wants to create a system. it will be based on measures, tuition, graduation rates and debt and income of graduates and how many low-income students are enrolled in the schools. by 2018, he hopes it will be tied to financial aid. students with larger rates of colleges will receive more affordable loans. that move will require new legislation in congress. right now it's based on the number of students enrolled in a college regardless of the graduation rate or how much student debt grows much the white house says the average graduating senior in california has over $19,000 in student debt. just how much the cost of public colleges has gone up, i'm working on that story for you and will have it. >>> and the government is continuing to attack rebel held areas near da masscas. it follows an attack that included the use of chemical weapons. the opposition says at least 100 people died. many were women and children. the united nations would like the inspecto
and they are worried about unintended consequences. i'm working on that story for you for 6:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the top u.s. intelligence officials says from now on he will release every year on how many top secret court orders are issued. the new policy is part of president obama's call for more transparency to convince americans that they are not being fie spied on. it follows revelations from documents leaked by former nsa the agency gathers millions of u.s. phone records and e-mails every year. >>> today a san diego mayor bob filner's last day on the job. filner resigned after 18 women publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior. council president todd will become the acting mayor. but a special election will be held on november 19th to elect the new mayor. at least five candidates are in the running for the job. >>> your time is 5:16. a police investigation has determined a big rig driver was at fault at a crash earlier this month that killed a cyclist in san francisco. san francisco police chief greg sur says the case is being turned over the to distri
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